Khoshahd Azarbayjan Co., with a history of export for more than a decade in the field of dried fruits, is the main selling agent of Iran's pistachios, including Akbari, Kaleh Qouchi, Fandegi and Ahmad Aghaei, to neighboring countries.. The pistachio of this company belongs to the Rafsanjan and Sirjan gardens. It is worth noting that Iran's pistachios are the best pistachios in the world produced in Kerman, Rafsanjan, Sirjan and Damghan.

Pistachio is a fruit pistachio tree . Pistachio tree was first found in Turkey and Iran . At that time, pistachios were noble food. In the following years, it was only used in celebrations and parties. Later it was eaten in a variety of desserts, sweets, ice creams and even appetizers. This seed is named after its shape “Smiling nuts” Became famous.
Pistachio is used as a herbal nutrition and therapeutic agent for many diseases. .